What you’ll be dealing with
when partnering with us

We put
people first

We’re investors, but first and foremost, we’re people teaming up with other people long-term. So besides capital, we provide founders with support, advice and feedback. Of course, always when we actually can – we’re human but not superhuman.

We are lean
and flexible

We are founders too. The entrepreneurship in our DNA makes us fast, flexible and hands-on. We learn, adapt and work quickly, and never let the unnecessary bureaucracy slow things down. We simply prefer to keep it simple.

We are

We might have some preferences regarding the sectors we invest in, but those are definitely no rules set in stone. We’re actually very eager to change our perspective – especially when meeting founders who can influence this shift to happen.

We’ve got no
hidden agenda

We really try to be the investor you’re proud to call your partner. We’re honest – maybe sometimes a bit too honest – and like to keep things transparent. There will be no shady business when dealing with us.